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Your design process starts here

  • You contact us about your design project
  • We’ll be in touch to get an overview of your needs
  • Together we’ll determine the scope and timeline
  • We’ll send you a proposal and contract with terms
  • Once approved, to begin a project a standard 50% deposit is required
  • The remainder is due when the work is completed
  • You will have the file in whickever format you need
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We can design ANYTHING you need

  • Marketing Material (Flyers, Posters, e-Fliers, etc)
  • Logo Creation / Development / Concept
  • Publications (Magazines, Brochures, Books, etc)
  • Re-create old files
  • Vectorization
  • Stationery (Cards, Letterhead, Comp Slips, etc)
  • Brand Identity *
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